Detectable Warnings Dots

provide a warning to pedestrians before walking into a vehicular way if the walking surface is not separated by curbs, railings, or other elements between the pedestrian area's and vehicular ways.
US Patent # 7,249,911

DW Dots pedestrian warning dots
SOLID 316L Stainless steel domes

Creative Vision, Bold Design

Detectable Warning areas are to be maintained for life. Why install a product that might only last 5 years? What about a product that has the possibility of lasting the life of your concrete or stone walking surfaces? Current requirements for durability are for foot traffic and natural exposure. Why not have a Detectable warning field that will withstand heavy abuse of the real world, such as cars, busses, heavy deliveries / equipment, foot traffic and constant cleaning.

DW Dots is a Patented product that is designed to withstand the real world abuse. Using colored concrete, marble, granite or any stone as your contrasting color.

Today's design build projects require a product that has that custom look and feel for each project. Pouring with colored concrete or using stone eliminates the ugliness of wear and tear on the surface, no peeling, chipping or flaking. Humans have been using natural stones for walking surfaces for 1,000's of years, some of them are still being walked on today.

Obstacles, odd shapes or sizes, radial walkways, sawcut lines, expansion joints will not hinder or complicate your installation. DW Dots will have that custom look when finished without unsightly unaligned patterns, seems, gaps, sliver or pie shaped pieces needed for completing your warning area.